1. My first paycheck as an AD courtesy of FOX. Never say never, kids!

  2. Discovered this little gem of a spot on the Hollywood Hills today. (at Hollywood Dog Park)

  3. Latergram: Saw this beaut in person for the first time last Monday! (at Golden Gate Bridge)

  4. Weeeee! Just another day at the office, folks. (at Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View)

  5. Nightcap. Had such a blessed work week. It’s far from over but I’m so, so grateful tonight. Thank you God for your unprecedented favor! 🙌 (at Tomatina)

  6. Words.

  7. Today’s snacks brought to you by my childhood nostalgia. 😋 (at International Food Market)

  8. This little cutie turned 18 today. So hard to believe she’s not this small anymore! HBD baby sis 🎂

  9. My new babies! 😍

  10. Giant neon beach balls during Tritonal set tonight. (at Nocturnal Wonderland 2014)